Hello, I’m Dr Allan Johnston

I believe every person can have mental health

Much like the physical exercise we do to keep the body fit and healthy, there are actions that we can all take to keep our brain in shape and develop mental fitness. When both the body and the mind are working in unison in a positive way, that’s when we feel and achieve our best.

Please take a look around my website. I aim to share advice and tools here that can support you and your team. Thanks and best wishes,

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Dr Allan Johnston

Dr Allan Johnston

Dr Allan has worked with athletes, players and coaches from;

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The world of sports has evolved
Dr Allan Johnston receiving the Yorkshire Evening Post Doctor of the Year Award 2019
Dr Allan Johnston receiving the Yorkshire Evening Post Doctor of the Year Award 2019

From the first recorded Olympic Games in 776 BCE, dedicated athletes have grown in strength and agility, inspiring and entertaining countless people.

Our understanding of the importance of mind-set in sport has since progressed. It is beginning to be recognised as equally important to performance as physical health and ability.

Now, with the topic of mental health being spoken about more openly in the press, by professional athletes and the general public, Mind Sports is evolving.

As part of my role in sport psychiatry, I aim to further reduce the stigma attached to the topic of mental health, to make support more accessible and to continue the advancement of the Mind Sports Evolution.

Digital courses for you and your team

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Mind Sports Evolution Digital Series

Dr Allan and guests present a digital series, providing proven tools and exercises to support the mental wellbeing of you and your team.

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Dr Allan Johnston joins the Spireites to raise awareness of World Suicide Prevention Day


Danny Talbot
Gold medal-winning Team GB Sprinter

Working with Dr Allan was so beneficial but more importantly, very enjoyable. He gave me the skills that enhanced my athletic performance but also regain confidence and happiness away from the track and in my personal life. After years of injury, working with Dr Allan helped me back to competition and back to myself – I’m so grateful for this!

Kadeena Cox, MBE
Multi-gold medal-winning Para Sprinter and Cyclist

Dr Allan has played such a key role for me. He’s not just been amazing at helping me deal with situations and seeing things from a different perspective but he’s also given me the confidence in myself and tools to deal with so many situations. I would recommend him to everyone. He’s played a key role in my recovery and success.

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